Copenhagen Tech Polyglot Meetup

Meetups for people passionate about programming languages

Welcome to Copenhagen Tech Polyglot Meetup. We are a group of people that meet to listen and give talks about programming languages. Organized by @mads_hartmann, @keleshev, and @jankrag.

Events are organized using so head over to our meetup group for information about upcoming events.

Want to give a talk? Create an issue on GitHub (preferred) or send a mail to

Upcoming Events

The next event will be on the 14th of March 2018 at SimCorp A/S on Weidekampsgade 16, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark. If you're planning on joining us please sign up for the event over at

  • OCaml killer apps by Vladimir Keleshev (@keleshev)
  • Programmation en logique by Lars Hupel (@larsr_h)
  • Domain Modeling with Haskell Data Structures by Oskar Wickström (@owickstrom)

Previous Presentations


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